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My 12 week toy poodle losing all her body hair

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Hi! Need your expertise please: I have a female toy poodle, 12 weeks old. She arrived here at 8 weeks old (she was 1 pound 6 oz) and went to the vet right away because I saw something strange on her poop. The vet told me she had Two parasites: tapeworms and coccidia. She went into treatment right away. The days after she became really ill with diarrea/vomiting. She disnt wanted to eat, play or even walk. She ended up at the animal hospital for 2 nights. After that she came back and got better. Little later after that i notiched she was shedding LOTS pf hair while combing and even just holding her (my clothes covered un fur). Now she has lost almost all her hair. She just finished her prednisone and antibiotics treatment because the vet said she had a skin/ear infection and seem like she had an allergic reaction. Now its a wait and see situation. Ehat can it be? Will it grow back? If it does; I hope it does not fall again.
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It's pretty common for hair to fall off due to prednisone, as it is a steroid. It's just much more noticeable on a Poodle, since they have that ever-growing hair. It'll grow back eventually, and will stay on so long as she doesn't take the medicine again. :) Glad to hear she's feeling better!
Thanks!! But the prednisone was given after she had already lost the hair 馃槙馃槙馃槙 hope it grows back and she stays fluffy
Thank you so much, no she was not on any steroids. Yes I will keep you posted, hoping she'll grow out of this :(
Update! She is doing really good and hair is growing healthy and full. Than you all
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