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Murphys home

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AGHHHH!!!!! Im already freaking out.

My little guy is finally home, the kids are spending every minute with him in his 'gate'.

the 2 hour ride home was actually great.

We decided to start him off in the crate then work towards the kids laps, but you know what, he did fine in the crate so we just kept him in there.

He whined in the beginning, but I wasnt sure if he just enjoyed the breeze on his face and he struggled to get that breeze just right.

After a while he just went to sleep.

All systems go as he seemed to not mind the crate at all.

then we get home.

first, the holter collar was to big so we had to use the neck collar. the collar didnt seem to bother him at all.

we brought him in the back to take his first bathroom break. But nothing.

we got one of those smelly bathroom posts but he didnt go. He did drink some water (thank God) but since he has never been on a collar before he didnt like the idea of walking with me so i just kinda let him stand there. He didnt seem to want to walk anywhere.

so not sure what to do with the whole collar issue until I get to the store to buy a holter collar (its Sunday, stores all closed)

second. We carried him around the house to get the way of the land and then we brought him outside. He is in his gate with his crate and water. He did drink a little but other then that he hasnt really moved much.

The kids are in the gate with him, but im not sure if that is making it worse. I know the poor thing is scared but Im not sure how to make him more comfortable.

Im holding off on the food until he calms down.

any ideas on how to make the little guy go to the bathroom?

oh, where the heck is spell check on here?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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