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I wanted a parti so chose a breeder with partis. The dame was a parti and the sire a black. Well all black except for one abstract. I fell in love with my black Asta who has a little white spot on his chin and another white spot on the back of one of his paws. I wonder if abstracts can just pop up in any litter. I had heard of parti breeders, but I don't think breeders breed for abstracts so you might want to choose your breeder, rather than a color or pattern. I think it was Raindrops who has a great post on how to choose a breeder.
Can't help you with breeders in Europe as I am in the US. But maybe some of our European members will chime in.
By the way, you might have better a better response by posting this under the breeder sub-forum, here Poodle Breeding

And welcome. Glad to have you with us.
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