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Mr. Rock Star

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I had debated about posting this picture, but I think it makes Cash look like a Rock Star just laying there waiting to be catered to.

It was after his bath and blow dry on Monday night, before his trim and pulling his bangs back in a band.

He is so fluffy, I wish I could have him here at work so whenever I need a pick me up I could just run my hands through his coat and give him kiss on his velvet nose!


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I have brush envy right now. Is that a CC pin brush? I want one so bad.LOL
Kpoos - Yes, it is a CC pin brush. I splurges about a year ago when I was tired of not having a good brush that would reach down to the skin on Pete, my Pyr X.

Turns out it is my favorite to use on Cash too! Heck, I use it on myself sometimes too!
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