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Mr. Atticus modeling his booties

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I made Atticus some new "booties". The other ones I made frayed so I had to use the fingertips from the gloves and handhemed them, and then I weaved a string of yarn through them so I could tie them on so they wouldnt fall off. I think he likes them too, he gets extra happy when they are on and he does his little bucking thing (I posted a video before I think) and it is just adorable. And they did the trick to his poop accidents, I'm so happy! They look kind of ugly in the pictures, but theyre adorable in person. :)

Excuse his boogery eyes, they have been really running lately. I dont know whats causing it.

and a couple videos of him running around being goofy.

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How cute! Good job on the booties.:) He could be teething and that will cause all the runny eye stuff. He's about 4 months right?
Would love to have a toy again...they are just so precious when I see them on this forum.
What is with the foot kicking thing he does? I LOVE that!!! Frig...he is adorable. The booties are great too.
That was a great idea!! He looks so adorable in his new boots....lucky boy! I love to see pics of Mr. Atticus.
way to cute!!! my small dog (danish farm dog) jackson will not poop outside with out his booties on- and if it's be low -10C he won't pee either- he tries to hold it forever but then leaks- usually on me *L* he loves his boots and runs like an idiot outside in them as long as he can (vs sitting at the door screa,ing to come in) and snarls ifyou try to take them off when he first comes in
That little foot kicking thing he does is TOO ADORABLE! He's even more precious in the videos than he is in the still photos. Just when I didn't think he could get any cuter! :)
OMGosh, way too cute! LOL I LOVE the shot from behind with him laying down froggy style. He is just too cute for words! :)
OMG! He is so fluffy and has the cutest face!!! You can tell that he really likes the boots. In the video, it's almost like he is warming them up for a super fast run!

Besides being absolutely adorable, he looks like he has a super fun personality.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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