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Moxie Photos

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Here are some photos of some of my dogs.My initial photos were removed for
me as I messed up posting them.LOL Still trying to manage my way around here.
Hope you enjoy,Moxie


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Aden is such a handsome boy!! Hannah's head is just gorgeous, and Sugar has gorgeous dark skin!! You have a lovely bunch of furkids!! Looking forward to more photos!!!

Thank you Arreau for the compliments. I am very blessed when it comes to my dogs,they are not just beautiful but a joy and the light of my life. You have pretty babies too,seems you are also blessed!
Very nice and Sugar is too cute!!
They are all very pretty but - I LOVE your partis :):):) Such a wonderful pattern !!!!!:first:
Beautiful dogs! That Sugar... WOW! She is gorgeous!!! Congrats on all your wins with Aden!
very pretty dogs! and their grooming looks great!
i'm really going to have to step up my game ;)
Thank you guys

WOW,you guys really know how to make a newbie feel good and welcome!
THANK YOU. I have to say,the grooming of these guys is the HARDEST part of it all for me.I do have health issues and a bad back.Unlike some people/breeders, I do not "YET" have a raised wash tub! I have to bath my dogs bending over my bath tub with my removable shower massage.....LOL...It is NOT FUN! By the time I'm done someone usually has to help me off the floor.LOL :scared: Right know,Aden is the hardest to keep up with.He is still going through some coat change, and has the longest coat. Hannah's coat is long too but she still has that easy fluffy puppy coat that combs right out and drys in a flash! Aden,forget about it,it's grooming for HOURS :doh:and then I'm sore and crippled for DAYS! But...I guess the lovely price ya pay for no shedding!:eek:hwell: Thanks again for the compliments!!
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