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motion sickness

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Does anyone know a good motion sickness remedy? My Spoo throws up whenever he rides in the car. He drools excessively and winds up vomiting all over the place. I don't want to give him a tranquilizer because when he and I start going to shows I don't want a groggy dog. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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My Charlie from the day we collected her from the breeder was car sick. she did exactly the same, dribble like anything then throw up.
there are several things i did.
1) she travelled in the front seat of the car (with a harness on) and i know it sounds a bit dodgy but i drove along keeping my hand under her chin so she was looking forward.

2) try pointing things out of the window to get her attention, like cows, horses, sheep etc.

4) Don't feed her at least 2 hrs before going out

3) if she was sick i never made an issue out of it, it will only reinforce her anxiety feeling.

4) Kalmaid - this is a caramel flavoured liquid she had every day in her diner or straight from your hand. she was on it for a good 6 months, sounds a long time but stick with it. it works. Charlie is now weaned off it and is ok. she still sits in the front with me and dribbles a little but not sick.
we have not done a long journey yet but so good so far. http://www.vetuk.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1370

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car rides

My poodle is exactly the same. She starts drooling within the first mile and ultimately throws up. I am almost thinking she is just anxious about the car as she has even started getting freaky when we get into the car. i tried taking my other dog to distract her and i also put her in the front seat. It is not getting any better as it had with my other pets who were intially queasy.

I have had little time of late due to business travel to get her in the car but hopefully when i do, just start out by sitting in it. Its a shame she is not going anywhere in the car because my other dogs really enjoy it. I hope it can be resolved.
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