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1) How much exercise do they need daily? OR How much time would you be willing to expend towards exercising?
2) How do you leash train?
3) How do you properly socialize your puppy?
4) Should you supplement your puppies diet?
5) How do you properly correct puppy biting behaviors?
6) Should you get dog insurance?
7) Should your puppy stay inside or outside?
8) How do you assimilate the current dogs/cats to the new puppy?
9) What are the dangers of leaving your puppy unsupervised?
10) What are the common health issues with your breed?
11) How do you correct constant barking?
12) What vaccinations should your puppy have?
13) What toys are unsafe for your puppy?

I think this is a great idea as some people really don't understand what goes into taking care of a puppy, let alone a poodle. I would love to help out some more in making this puppy/poodle tome of knowledge!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.