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Moser Arco

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Well bit of a spur of the moment thing but I ordered a Moser Arco yesterday. T has been a little naughty for clipping his face the last few times. I think teething is not helping but also the sound of the clippers seems to be frightening him too. So figure a nice cordless might help and I can also use it fo sanitaries on the SWF's I do.

So anyone go one, used one? What do you think of them?

PS - Good luck with your elections today for the Americans.
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Thanks for the good luck on our elections. :]
Never heard of them BF. But will say I think T has got it over you. I would just be firmer with him and make him put up with it. He is a poodle, he is tough, and will get over it. Poodles are really smart and if they can get away with anything they will. Dont let him call your bluff or he will keep winning.
Yes I think your right Siv - I will be much firmer with him this weekend. I don't put him on a grooming loop cause my post doesn't fit the big dog table, think I would be easier if some of him was restrained instead of having him wander all over the table.

I am also looking at a grooming frame for the small dog table for the SWF's I am doing and a heavy duty arm for the big dog table - which in reality is T's table. I think as a learner groomer, I am fighting an up hill battle without some decent restraints for these dogs I am doing.

Wish I was a little closer to some/one of you more experienced groomers, I would love to come and watch a professional. Sometimes I really feel like I am in way over my head with this grooming caper.

I have three to clip off for the summer this weekend and I am nervous as always about how they will turn out.
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Hey BF, we were all learners once. Dont feel bad. T is just an over the top dog, bred like that for a reason. You get the temperament, with that you get attitude :tongue:

ok, with T I would personally make him lay down when you are doing his face, stand up for the feet and tail. Most of the body clip, if you are doing that yet I would stand him on the ground if you dont have a standard poodle table to groom him on. Everytime he tries to move use the word NO firmly. He must learn to sit there and be groomed. He is young and will get it. Outside dogs are a different story, most need the noose :( They fidget and fart arse around too much, fight or bite unless they have been welll trained elsewhere.

You have done good grooming jobs to date and will get more confident as you keep doing more dogs. We know you can do it :whoo:

So in your own time at night, teach him sit, drop, stay, stand. If this is difficult just get a few lessons at obedience. Poodles are so easily trained.
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He's really good now for sit, drop and stand - stay is a whole other story. I have a good solid table for big dogs which is what I am doing him on now. He is an over the top dog and that's what we like about him, but as you say with that does come the attitude, darling little baby brat that he is :tongue:

Anyway I will have another go on the weekend and will be much firmer and see how we go. Thanks Siv for your help, I really appreciate the advice. I'm sure by the time I get the second one we'll have it down pat.
I use the Arco on the faces of my little girls. Also the feet and base of tail. They are very quiet, can be adjusted as to length of blade and also come with combs. I wouldn't be without them. Also, they are small enough for small hands and wriggling dogs. You can control both the dog and the clippers.
That's good to hear highhorse. Hopefully they will be here by the weekend, I am dying to try them out.
BF, just check his gums out, if they are really swollen I wouldnt do his face. If his mouth is really sore he may become headshy. I know you need the practice but he really doesnt need doing this often.

Just a thought, I have had some dogs that cant handle the mouth being touched when teething.
He has been a bit sore around his mouth but yesterday it seemed better, he even came and put his muzzle in my hand - sometimes he likes to rest his head this way LOL. Yeah I will see how it goes, his gums are not read but if he seems sore rather than just naughty I will not do his face. He is definately teething, teeth falling out all over the place.
Ohhhh very excited the clipper turned up this morning. I have it on charge at work and hopefully both batteries will be fully charged by the time I go home so I can use it tonight. It looks great, is quiet and is certainly very light to hold - anyway will see what it's like to use when I get the first opportunity. I love presents!
I got to use the new clipper today and OHHH MY DOG .... this is the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone who is having difficulty manouvering corded clippers around feet and faces, is a learner groomer, has nervous or just naughty (in my case) dogs or just wants lightweight, quiet clippers these things are fantastic.

Admittedly I don't now how well they will hold up with continual use as I only got them yesterday, but I reckon I achieved the best clip on T's feet and face I have been able to yet today, and he wasn't anywhere near as fussy around his face. You'll be please to know Siv I was kind but firm with him today and he didn't get away with blue murder.
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