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more snow pics!

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Well...it's impossible to drive anywhere currently so i've been kind of bored hanging around the house. The dogs have been stir crazy staying indoors so I took them back out for more fun. I convinced Dodger that snow is fun! She ran around for a bit but then really wanted back inside.

Vega however has no problems with this fluffy white stuff. In fact he seems to be enjoying the outside even more! He has a lot more coat than Dodger right now though!


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Some more randoms...

(Loki was inside passed out at this point!)


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Wow, your dogs and your photos are stunning.
They look like they are having so much fun!!! Poor Dodger though. That first picture looked so pitiful. I just wanted to give him a hug....and a maybe a coat.

It looks like you got some really good action shots. I'm jealous! You need to come take pictures of Zulee. We'll have to make our own snow though.

BTW....is this the German Shepard you rescued last year? He looks Sooo beautiful.
We've been stuck too with no where to go but outside to play in the snow.
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