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Moose can garden?!?

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So we taught Moose to eat blackberries off the bushes... he really only does it when we are there as the pricklys annoy him but he's gotten good.

Fast forward a week and we are eating lunch on the back deck and we see him pulling a tomato off the plant and eating it :fish: we laughed, and let him eat it as he likes them and he was being oh so gentle to not topple the plant.

Caught him doing it again a week later to a half ripe one this time, he actually ate half of it ON the plant.

I guess if he escapes he can survive in veggies in the wild hahaha.

Pretty funny!
And we are not worried about it getting out of hand because next year and in the future the garden will ALL be behind fences.
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That's so cute! You should try and get a picture of this! Though I imagine if it's anything like my human child, by the time you go and grab the camera the moment is gone!
HAHAHA That is too funny

I would love to see a picture or video
Too funny!! I bet that was funny to watch him take the tomato.

My poodles loved to help us pick black raspberries when we were out picking. They didn't go pick them when we weren't out, but when we were picking, they picked the ones down low, so we left all the lower ones for them. But, I can't picture mine picking tomatoes, lol.
Now you just have to teach him to weed.

Next year? Mow the lawn. ;)
Now you just have to teach him to weed.

Next year? Mow the lawn. ;)
There`s an idea!
Those are some valuable tricks Moose has learned!!! :laugh: :)
It's great watching them learn. Zulee has started eating my basil plant and has now figured out that the parsley tastes good too. I've heard that the leaves on a tomato plant can be toxic. Sounds like Moose doesn't have a taste for anything but the best ripest parts. :)
Lol, that is too funny!

I caught Saffy eating the grass the other day, and being white,

she looked like a sheep

We have just gotten some sheep,
and we had Saffy and the sheep in the pen, and she fitted right in lol

But a poodle eating a tomato?????!!!! and off a tree????!!!!!
That would be a sight lol
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