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Monti - few pictures

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Monti is 12 weeks :drum:

1.His first snow 2.He is not sharing his toys 3. Likes to play peek a boo 4. Don't like grooming 5. Loves to steel my shoe 6. Speedy Gonzales 7. I don't want to go home yet 8. Mr. Monti


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Thank you guys, we adore him too :) He is our first and only poo and as a matter of fact first boy in the family, so my husband is on top of the world :love:.
Cdnjennga how is your search for a puppy progressing? Did I miss something? You know I don't have much time for the forum now :devil: :in-love:

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Ahhhhhh :) What a handsome little guy :first: !!!!!! He is adorable in every way and he obviously is having a blast and made a great choice adopting you Evik ; ))) !!!! :love:

Wishing you many, many years of love and fun with your Monti-boy :beer:
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