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Monroe's Show Pic

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I know, I should be holding his tail upright (thought I was!) and, I look like a supergeek, but Monroe looks pretty good anyway!
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Wow did you groom him yourself? He looks amazing! What did he win, how many points?
CONGRATS !!!! Super cool:coffol: photo - I find it all very sweet and cute (his tail and yourself) - you BOTH are soooo happy and THAT is what counts the most , in my humble opinion :congrats:

PS: Of course - your dog has wonderful color and looks great on top of it all ; ))
Ooooh, I just love Silvers,
Their colour variation is just so amazing.
I am so envious lol
Gorgeous!! I just love the color - I am REALLY hoping Vinnie turns out to be that shade of silver!
I WANT ONE! Fabulous looking dog! The Silvers have got me.
Monroe looks awesome ! Looks like you had lots of fun :)
Lovely, nice tight trim. He is going to be a beautiful platinum silver when you cut him down.

Re the tail....

It is the photographer's responsibility to get you correctly positioned. He should have told you that your tail was not correctly placed. Shame on him!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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