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Mochi's day at the beach

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So today was a gorgeous Saturday in Hong Kong...we took Mochi down to the beach for some frolicking. There were a ton of windsurfers out today and several groups of people training for dragon boat racing. All in all, a very fun-filled day for Mochi!

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I love when daddy comes to the beach too!

I'm really tired now, mommy. No more pictures!
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Looks like you guys had fun. I LOVE this pic:

I love this pic too awww - what a beautiful beach!
Looks like you had loads fun we live by the beach in Flordia my spoo's love the sand it make them run around like crazy,its raining here today but I would love to get to the beach soon to.
Great photos. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!
Looks like a very fun day indeed! I love her color! She is such a pretty girl!
Nice photos....sometimes I wish we were a little closer to the beach so we could enjoy the smell of the salt water and sand too. That's a great close-up photo with a very short depth of field focused on the eye.
Great pics of everyone having a great time! Mochi sure looks like she had a fabulous time! And, like everyone else, love that laying down head shot. :)
Wow Hong Kong. Nice pictures and nice poodle. Looks like you had fun.
Great photos, beautiful dog and beautiful beach!
Beautiful pictures. Your camera is so clear!!
Beautiful pictures. Your camera is so clear!!

Thanks! I use a Nikon d60 with a Sigma lens.
wow! so cute - I love the white sand - didn't know they had a beach like that in Hong Kong - I love the one where is is falling asleep - so dear!
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