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My last spoo ripped the skin on his pads on his front feet right off one time when swimming after a swan. I freaked, carried all 70lbs of WET spoo to my jeep and rushed him to the vet who sent me home with neosporin and vet wrap and told me to put tube socks on him. It really works. I had nice boots for him but this was during the summer and when he was in a pond. I learned my lesson though and made him wear his boots in the wilds from then on as well as when on hot pavement and in tne winter. It became a fav thing of his. Boots meant going somewhere. I can't remember the brand but they have rubber soles and traction on the bottom, don't come up past his pasterns, and have never fallen off. They cost $60 but have lasted over 10 years and will be used for one of my current boys as well. Fantastic boots. Much better than the kinds petsmart or petco sells. I really wish I could remember the brand. I believe they were designed for hunting dogs. I got them at a mountineering store. Schop never minded wearing them even the 1st time I put them on him.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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