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Mister has been getting compliments!!!

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The last two days or so Mister has been getting compliments left and right by strangers. Not because of his groom (he hasnt been done in a few weeks and is scruffy for my standards lol) but because of his breed. Some guy says oh your the commercial dog! I was like what? I guess some car insurance or something has a very overgrown white poodle in its ad lol. Another guy who hunts with his irish setter is just in love with Mister. Very improssed by his smarts and all.
People just suprise me sometimes, i love it! Mister did too! He will take all the attention he can get.

Oh and the poor guy ripped open his front pads pretty bad yesterday and has been hobbling around ever since. He has the most sensitive pads. Any of you have issues with that?
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That's so nice to hear I am sure.

No I have not heard of that with the pads yet..I am fairly new to the amazing poodles but maybe others will have more.
my mom's dog got raw pads when we went for a walk in the winter, I didnt even know that salt could hurt them at the time.

I cleaned and dried them really well, and then put neosporin on them and then tube socks held up with vet wrap, it healed them well, and then we walked with boots for awhile:smow:
you could try putting some bag balm on them before heading out next time if they still have issues I would get some boots.
bag balm can be put on while they are healing as well acutally.
I used to put boots on my greyhound for walks because of the salt.
It took her a while to get used to them, but it really made a difference.
Salt can be really awful on them. :(
Thanks so much for the suggestions! Its not the salt thats doing it, i keep him away from salt on the roads. Its that he runs so fast and hard on the pavement and grass that he rips them open in multiple spots.
I have put neosporine on it and bandaids but when he's unsupervised he'll rip them off lol. I am interested in trying boots...do you think he would eventually get used to them? This is an ongoing problem since ive had him but he has never ripped them open this bad before. He is still limping today.
My last spoo ripped the skin on his pads on his front feet right off one time when swimming after a swan. I freaked, carried all 70lbs of WET spoo to my jeep and rushed him to the vet who sent me home with neosporin and vet wrap and told me to put tube socks on him. It really works. I had nice boots for him but this was during the summer and when he was in a pond. I learned my lesson though and made him wear his boots in the wilds from then on as well as when on hot pavement and in tne winter. It became a fav thing of his. Boots meant going somewhere. I can't remember the brand but they have rubber soles and traction on the bottom, don't come up past his pasterns, and have never fallen off. They cost $60 but have lasted over 10 years and will be used for one of my current boys as well. Fantastic boots. Much better than the kinds petsmart or petco sells. I really wish I could remember the brand. I believe they were designed for hunting dogs. I got them at a mountineering store. Schop never minded wearing them even the 1st time I put them on him.
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They eventually get used to boots, in my experience, but they do hate them at first.

I used to use paw wax on my husky hybrid because he wouldn't tolerate boots.
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