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Missing spoo in California

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** HELP*** HELP*** SPCR Spoo missing in California
poodle momma - Busy finding poodles homes says:
Marcus is missing! He is the brown standard that belongs to Nancy (Flickr name Plum). An hour or so ago (appx 1:00pm pacific time 01/08/10) she took him for a car ride and stopped for ice cream for him. When she opened the door he bolted and ran from her across lanes of busy traffic. He was last seen in the area of Bell Rd and Highway 49 in North Auburn California. If anyone can help Nancy find Marcus Please flickr mail or email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you her phone #

Everyone else please send out all the prayers, positive vibes, and whatever else positive you can think of . THANKS!

Originally posted at 1:23PM, 8 January 2010 PST ( permalink )
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Wow! Just found this thread and was feeling so bad reading everything. I am SOO thrilled to go to page two and read that he was found and safe at home! My heart goes out to the poor lady, she must have been in total panic mode! I hope that that poor boy learns to trust people and live a long, happy life.
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