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Where do you find messages about poodles?? Trying to decide which poodle we want, just lost our miniature poodle of 15 years. Thinking about a toy. Is there message boards?

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Hi Sandie, this is a message board / forum for all types of poodles. It has just recently started so please post any questions you may have regarding poodles and I'm sure someone (if not myself) would love to help you.

Welcome :)

Ya, that is what I felt, just a very feminine girl, but I am far from a poodle expert! I see a lot of 70 - 80 lb poodles around, so she is refined compared to them!

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So sorry for your loss! You are in the right place to ask about poodles! There are many different threads that will help you with any questions you want to ask, and also a breeder's thread that will even help you find and make good contacts to breeders.
Good luck and please join in!!!
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