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Mink oil

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I really did not know what mink oil is because I could not imagine them using an actual mink for this type of oil. I just thought it was some name for a type of essential oil. Boy was I wrong I am really disgusted/ disappointed by what it really is.

I found out that they put mink oil in some hair products :noidea: YUCK lol

is there something else to use on shears ? is there something else that comes from a plant I can use instead ?
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KNOW Know what? LOL I was looking for a good tip.
You are using mink oil on your shears?
You are using mink oil on your shears?
heck NO! every time I am at a dog show the shear vendors come up and harass my sister and I about their shears. Then they go on to say we need to buy mink oil between the joints of the shear ....

I don't understand what its used for.
I use it as a coat spray, and use an Oster lubricant for my shears, clippers etc...
I must say I am feeling a little silly and awful cause I didn't know it was made from mink fat :eek: When this can is empty I won't be buying another one. Don't really like the stuff too much anyhoo, it is a little too oily for my liking. I like the seabreeze oil from PP.
The only thing I have ever used it for was a coat spray. I use mineral oil to oil my clipper blades and shears.
I used mink oil on mats and knots on Inca's coat when it was turning from puppy to adult.
Yup, it's made from the fat under the skin of the mink. It's been used for ages to treat leather - shoes, belts, saddles and so on... but worst of all, they put it in a LOT of cosmetic/skin care products. EEEeeeewwwwww! :thumpdown:
Pretty sad!
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