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Mini VS toy poodle

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Hi everyone I currently have a toy poodle who is a year old in a few weeks now she is quite a small toy at 2.2kg and just 9 inches tall she is wonderful with other dogs I debated on a cockapoo because they seem to be lovely dogs however some I’ve met can be very happy or have a bad temperament and a bit crazy (not all obviously ! ) I’m looking at having another poodle at the end of this year however I can’t decide one whether to have another toy or mini poodle Tika suffers from super bad tear stains and patella luxation in both back legs and some things I’ve heard some as if miniatures are prone to less problems like these I would also like a sturdier dog as Tika can so easily be injured while out as well I have to be super careful with her around other dogs so I am more siding towards having a miniature any advice would be fab x here’s little Tika
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OMG Tika is gorgeous! Several of our members have experience with luxating patellas as well as the differences between toys and minis. Hopefully they'll jump in.
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