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Mini poodle

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We bought our beautiful mini black poodle way back in 2001 from Cabryn, Carolyn O'Rourke we thought was one of the best poodle breeders around. Our Blossom lived a very long and healthy life and died about 2 years ago. I so wanted to get another one from her and when I called learned that she had passed away a few years earlier. Does anyone know if there are any Cabryn mini's or toys that are still bred from her long lineage of poodles through the years Or any recommendations as we are just ready to get another one. We are in New York. Any help is appreciated.
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Oh boy, Cabryn had such beautiful poodles. We used to have a member here on Poodle Forum named Chagall who has a Cabryn poodle. You can do a search on Chagall if you want to see photos of a lovely oversize silver mini. Chagall is still around, but neutered.

If I were you I would consider calling Joan Markowitz at Light N Lively poodles to ask about finding a poodle from Cabryn lines. I would think she would have the knowledge and connections to help you if those of us on PF don't come up with something.

I went to OFA.org and put in Cabryn into the search engine and came up with Cabryn Innovative Energy, who's dam is a Horizon dog, here is the website for Horizon: horizonpoodles.com. They are in Minnesota. If you try this search engine keep a careful eye on the year of birth.

Good luck on your search! I hope you return with pictures of a beautiful puppy someday in the not-to-far future.
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Thank you for the welcome and quick reply! Yes, I have seen Chagall on this site before a beautiful dog. I think I have heard of Joan Markowitz. I just looked up her website and maybe I will give her a call. I will try Horizon as well and see if I can come up with anything. Thanks again and hopefully I will get another puppy soon.
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Thanks again and hopefully I will get another puppy soon.
Please post updates :)
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