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Mini Poodle Temperament

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I'm drawn to the mini poodle because of its size, low/ no shed status and intelligence compared to some other smaller breeds. I have met lots of minis at agility matches who have fantastic temperaments and are just what I'm looking for. Calm and friendly outside the ring, excited and happy inside the ring.

Having said that, when my mom and I recently visited a breeder with a number of poodles in outside pens they were running around and leaping like jack rabbits and basically just looked like everything the uneducated person might think the poodle to be (hysterical). To be fair, the breeder had just got back from a 2 day show and these guys probably had some energy to burn, but as I watched them leap higher than my waist I got nervous about my decision and started questioning whether the mini was right for me. This is a breeder who also told me that they don't temperament test, as their minis are all the same, so I left there feeling like they most likely didn't have the dog for me.

I have since got over my nerves and am back on the track to getting a mini poodle (obviously, as I'm here!) but I wanted to hear what your mini poodles are like. Please tell me those dogs were the exception, and I just happened to see them at a bad time! Also, is it common for mini poodle breeders not to temperament test or did I just happen to talk to one who didn't?
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Moose is a standard poodle but he hops around when he gets excited and sometimes looks like a horse lifting his front end off the ground going up! He is also very calm if he needs to be and SUPER gentle around kits. He also barks at strangers, and anyone new to the house, and then he gets to know them and plays with`m. He does not bark other than that or at a bird/animal here`n`there.
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