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Hey all! I have had my puppy for six weeks now, and I wanted to compare growth!

At 8 weeks he was around 4lbs.
At 11 weeks he hit 6.
At 14 weeks he's 8.

I am so curious how big he's likely to get. At 7 weeks, he was charting 15lbs, And I'm wondering if that's changed. His parents were 18 and 19 lb.

Is there a good mini poodle growth formula or chart that I can reference? Or personal experiences work too!

I've attached a couple pictures
of the little man.

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My female mini poodle growth rate looks like this, (breeder guessed adult weight of 13 lbs):
8 weeks 3.8 lbs
12 weeks 5.6 lbs
16 weeks 7 lbs. (so traditional guess would be an adult weight of 14 lbs, right?)
5.5 months 10 lbs
6 months 10.4 lbs
Between 7 and 11 months she has hovered around 11 lbs.

She turns 12 months old on the 14 and I need to get her weighed again. She has that yearling slimness. I’m expecting her to fill out some more in the next 18 months. Still no heat cycle.

Mini poodle growth rates are interesting because of the variety. I think Violet is on the small side for a mini, which is what I wanted. My best guess is that the breeder’s guess will be pretty close to where she will be this time next year.

Your boy is very cute, and a beautiful color.
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