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Mild hip dysplagia

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Would you adopt a 2 year old from a reputable breeder who’s X-ray shows mild dysphasia in one hip? Diagnosed when testing for future breeding so spaying and placing instead. Just wondering what would be in store for me if I take her... Thanks
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I would not necessarily be afraid to adopt a dog with mild hip dysplasia. I would talk to my vet or a vet with knowledge on dysplasia. I am thinking she is not exhibiting symptoms? but that this was picked up in her x-rays being done since she was being considered for breeding purposes. If that were the case I would take her, knowing this in advance I keep her fit and do proper exercise to keep her healthy. She may end up with arthritic conditions later on or even hip dysplasia but there is a lot more info out today. I had a rottweiler who developed it but not until she was 10 years old, we were able to manage her with pain meds and the only issue she had was getting up from a lying position after sleeping all night. We were lucky with that. But I'm no expert so just my own opinion.
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