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Mild hip dysplagia

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Would you adopt a 2 year old from a reputable breeder who’s X-ray shows mild dysphasia in one hip? Diagnosed when testing for future breeding so spaying and placing instead. Just wondering what would be in store for me if I take her... Thanks
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For what it’s worth, our first spoo was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia when she was just 6 months old after we noticed that she climbed the stairs more like an old man than a young pup. We were told that at some point she might well need hip replacements. She was prescribed Cosequin, but I ultimately switched her to the same Glucosamine/Chondroitin that I had been taking for an arthritic knee (giving her 750mg/600mg per day of Costco’s Kirkland brand), and she remained symptom-free for the rest of her 11 year life with only occasional minor lameness if she was more active than usual.
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