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Mild hip dysplagia

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Would you adopt a 2 year old from a reputable breeder who’s X-ray shows mild dysphasia in one hip? Diagnosed when testing for future breeding so spaying and placing instead. Just wondering what would be in store for me if I take her... Thanks
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I would say it depends in part on how you want to enjoy your dog. If you want to do active sports like rally, agility, tracking, etc., then pass on this one. If you know you're committed to regular gentle exercise and keeping her lean, then have her checked by your vet.
Actually, exercise can help a dysplastic dog. I knew a Golden Retriever who was a multiple MACH in Agility, but when her owner tried to retire her at +10yo she developed lameness. Her vet took X-rays and said she was mildly to moderately dysplastic but the muscles she developed running agility kept the hips solidly in their joints. Once she retired the muscles deteriorated and the hips loosened up. She unretired the dog and got her back into competition.
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