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Mika still looking for a home

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Well I believe I have found Scooter a home, actually a friend of mine and I could see him often she just needs to talk to her husband about it. Is anyone on here willing to make the drive to adopt Mika? I would love someone on poodle forum to have her because I know she will be in good hands. She is a 4 y.o. standard female, good behavior and well house trained. Comes with large bed, collar, rabies tags, etc. She is free to someone on poodleforum.com just make the drive. I will groom her upon adoption day. I need to hurry up and re-home them due to daughter's health concern. She is now seeing a home health care person, regular PCP visits, pediatrician visits, and it looks she will be having therapy for not already sitting and saying consanants at her age. It breaks my heart to have to re-home several pets I've already been attached to, especially Scooter but it's something that must and needs to be done.
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Where are you in Arkansas? Never mind I saw on your profile you are in Warren I amn not sure how far that is from me *runs off to Google Maps*

It seams you are about 4 hours from me. If you can not place her in her own home I would be willing to take her and try to re-home her for you. I run a small dog and cat rescue.

Could you meet me half way?
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