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It's been really strange here today. It rained all night and all morning, and Mum made us go out in it before breakfast (Yuck!), then it stopped a bit and she took us down by the river but the river was all big and brown and roaring and Mum said it was too scary being near it so we came home. And there was a fire engine to pump water from under Brenda's house, so we couldn't go there for a treat like we usually do, but we went everywhere else to make sure all the other houses were safe. Then Mum wanted to find Tilly to take her to the vet because she has a hole in her from fighting with horrible Lennie, and Sophy said Tilly was upstairs but Mum said she'd looked there, and we went all round outside again and then found Tilly up on Mum's bed (Sophy says our Mum is useless at finding things).

So we all got in the car to go to the vet, but when we were nearly there we saw lots of red and blue flashing lights and big pools of water, even bigger than the one Mum had just driven through rather fast and said very rude words about, and we had to turn round and go another way, so when we got there Mum was late and had to wait for ages, and she said it was too late to go for a walk and we had better go home. And we went a really twisty, twizzly different way home but when we were nearly there we had to turn round again and by then we were getting a bit desperate so Mum found somewhere for a walk and by the time we got home it was nearly supper time and Mum was very frazzled.

Suddenly there was a really weird noise, and we told Mum she had to take us out to investigate, and it was the car making strange beepings and waving its windscreen wiper things and flickering its lights. So Mum phoned the nice van man to come and fix it, and looked it up on her computer thing, and said she thought it needed a hairdrier, but it might be better to wait for the van man. And all evening the car either made weird noises that we had to tell her about, or sounded like visitors arriving, which we had to tell her about even more, and the van man was very late because he tried to come the same way we did and you can't. But when he did arrive he did something to shut the car up, and said the hairdrier might work, so Mum was out there for ages in the dark mending the car with the hairdrier. And she says she will have to hunt up the right size spanner before we can go for a walk tomorrow, but just at the moment she needs mending herself, with wine and chocolate. I sort of knew that chocolate and wine help mend humans, and but I didn't know that hairdryers mend cars!

Poppy xx
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