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Hi everyone!
I've been referencing this forum quite a bit throughout the years and I finally decided to make an account.
I'm the proud owner of Ellie, my silver/black 40 pound female spoo. We live in BC, the greater vancouver area. Ellie is turning 4 soon (wow that was fast) and though she is a sweetheart and baby in the home we've had our ups and downs with her leash reactivity towards dogs and sometimes people. I don't let it define her though, and we've come a long way with training! One of my resolutions for the new year is to tentatively socialize her with a few trustworthy neighbourhood dogs. I'm also quite passionate about her diet, and we've bounced around commercial raw, premium kibble, and airdried/freeze dried raw throughout the years. She loves long walks, car rides, and trying new foods.
A bit about me, I'm a full time university student graduating next year. Since the start of the pandemic, much of my quarantine has consisted of walking Ellie, studying, and eating. I hope to have some engaging and interesting discussions with this forum community!
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