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Meet our new addition Pip

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Hi all, Meet our new addition Pip, he's red toy poodle, not sure if he'll stay red but breeder seems to think he will, i let JJ choose him out of a litter of 3, JJ made a great choice as we both adore him, Pip is now 5mths old.

JJ and Pip wearing their new coupler made from parachute cord, it should last them a life time if they don't decide to chew it

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Very cute. I have a red poodle too. At what age would you expect to see the final colour?
Thanks for all posts, to Karen, i'm not sure what age the final colour shows through, JJ my silver boy is 17mths now and not completely all silver yet and not convinced to will, anyone know the answer please, JJ is from a silver/black parentage.
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