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Meet my sidekick Leeam (one eyed toy poodle)

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L as a puppy.

This is my sidekick Leeam before the accident. Pretty girlie look for a guy i think haha.

L just chillin outside after a new haircut.

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Handsome Fellow! How is he doing with his 'new' vision?
I must say that it's working out verry well. Of course i notice all the time that he only got one eye when we havin fun and he is running around at home but i must say im glad that it's going so well. He walks into some chairs etc sometimes when we play around.

Awwww he is adorable, gotta love the mohawk picture :) Bummer about his eye, but I bet it doesn't slow him down much does it? He looks so full of personality
Not that much except as i wrote above this quote. He almost have to much personality i think hehe. I think nothing can stop him, a real warrior is what he is hehe.
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