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Coco is actually registered brown. She has had two litters of puppies and with each litter and with each season, she has faded to the lovely colour she is today. She has a majority of black and brown in her background but somewhere along the line - fifth generation, I think there is white and apricot. Her own puppies (before she became my dog) were two black and one brown out of a black mating (although his litter brother was brown). The second mating was a mistake (breeder thought an eight month old male was not ready for breeding - he covered three bitches in a week). The little boy was apricot and Coco produced four beautiful black puppies. Her breeder still has one of her little girls as in this country she would not be considered big enough to breed from. Since coming to us Coco has been spayed as I think she has had enough and also we found a lump behind her nipple. It was a tumour but fortunately not malignant.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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