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Hi everyone

my friends call me poodleman, but you can call me andrew if ya like lol

I have two adoreable toy poodles. Lilly, who is two years old and Beauty, who is 6 years old. I've had them about a year each. I'm a rescue dog guy, not into the whole breeding scene, but i respect the ones that do.

Poodles aren't my only specialty, i love the chihuahuas, greyhounds (EASY!), Great Danes and yes.... i love a good cat (can keep overactive dogs in their place) I come from a long line of dog owners, i was training dogs before i could wear regular underwear. I had a good teacher, my mother who always told me to respect the animals as a equal sibling.

alright thats enough fluff, i appreciate being able to say hi and hope to be active in the future

now wheres that brush.....
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