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THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the May Photo Contest. I hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer holidays!

Those are some precious fur balls!

1st Place dogs will be able to choose a toy from our catalog and 2nd & 3rd Place dogs will get a toy of our choosing!!

1st Place Winner......Timi!!
Timi at 8 weeks

2nd Place Winner.....Maizie!!
Maizie at 5 months

3rd Place Winner......Penny!!
Penny's first day at home.

Congratulations to our winners! I will private message each of you for your toy choice.

Remember we have a 25% Off All Plush Animal Toys going on right now! Use Amazon Code PLUSHTOYS at our Amazon Shop.
We have an adorable Hedghog that we couldn't resist adding to our "dog"alog. Proceeds help rescue dogs!

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Congratulations Timi, Maizie and Penny!!
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