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May 2019 Photo Contest Entries

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Our themes this month are in the creative ballpark... or dogpark, heh-heh. :)

We have two categories to choose from:

1) Poodle Poetry - Credit for this idea goes to EVpoodle (thank you). You may submit 1 to 3 of your own original poem(s) with 1 to 3 photos of your poodle or poodle mix. The poem(s) can be rhyming, haiku, a limerick, free verse, and so forth. It/they can be short or long.

2) Ironic Captioned Poodle - Unleash your humor as you caption your poo in a photo. You may use 1 to 3 photos each with a caption, or up to three photos that tell one funny story.

Submit your May Contest photos on this thread. Entries are accepted until Monday May 20th at 9pm Eastern Time/ 6pm West Coast time. The Voting Poll begins after that and will run one week.

Here are the simple rules and categories this month, so please read carefully.

a) You may enter only one category. If you submit more than one photo or caption/story, they will voted on as one entry.

b) Please include the name of your poodle or poodle-mix in your entry submission.

c) You may remove your entry at any time within three hours before Voting poll begins. to photo edit, photo shop or tweak it, or to use another photo instead in the same category or to switch categories with something different.

d) We will need a minimum of two entries in a category for it to be competitive.

Good luck, candidates, and have fun!
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When I am hurting
And feeling ill
You comfort me
You become my will

I will live
So you can thrive
You will live
To keep me alive..............

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Wake up! Wake up!
Wake I say
My inside clock says
It's time to play!

My timer is very accurate
It's got no batteries
That die and quit!

Get up I say....
Me and Lambie
Wanna play!
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Evie. Poodle Poetry.
I stand, I guard, I watch, I wait.
I stand to guard, I watch to make you know you are safe.
And even though my mind may wander. All it takes is one word, then I will be back from my wanderings, to protect you from the evil.
And even when my time has passed you will know that I am there.
Watching you from above. I will always protect you from the evil that lays in wait to swallow you.
And when it comes I will pay my everything to make you know that you are safe.


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Zekefur’s Poem

Way deep inside I’ve always known,
There was someone out there to call my own,

I think that I have expressed so well,
That I really do love you, can’t you tell?

Because in your heart inside I can see,
Over and over you fall in love with me.

Do love me as I am, and later how I’ll be,
For I love you, as tenderly you, me.

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So far we have three very nice entries in the Photo Poetry category, but none in the Ironic Caption Your Poodle category. Looks like it's been slow month so far for our normal monthly contest!

You may still enter in either category, but if we don't have at least two in the Caption category by tomorrow at 9pm Eastern Time/ 6pm West Coast time, you'll have no competition.

If you haven't entered in the Poetry category, go ahead for the Caption if you want to try anyway, if there's only one entry you'll get an Honorable Mention award with the screensaver gifts.

Good luck, candidates!
I will attempt to enter Luna in the ironic caption contest, though I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for.

Dog Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae Mammal
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Here's my try at the ironic caption category.


Not his most flattering picture, haha.

Edit by Vita - Hi Iwaftsd, I added your photo below so it's visible on this page :)

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Oh the irony :)

Neo and Remo

Dog breed Canidae Light Dog Puppy
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The sun shone down
Samson reaches up
The ball is falling fast
Samson’s a determined pup
What a blast
He catches it
He catches it at last

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Sorry that was supposed to be poetry entry and his name is Samson. I forgot to put that in my post

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Maurice & Matisse

My Little Dogs

Loving, full of life, my heart, my soul,
You've been by my side through good and bad,
Little dogs, you melted all that toil and toll,
No one's a fitter comrade.

My bonds loosed by your mystical insight,
You took me gently by the hand,
Out of the dark, back into daylight,
You tended to me like no other can.

I lost so much, no mother should,
Your loyalty and love held steadfast,
My little sentries, at my soul you stood,
And gave me back my life at last.

Little dogs, you don't need titles and things,
For you are all the world to me,
My little dogs you've given me wings,
The best you deserve, the best for you...that's how it's going to be.



Mattie, Maury, I'll tell you a story,
just how it all began,
I said, "Only one poodle,"
Oh what a noodle, :doh:
I got two, not one,
Oh, son of a gun,
But we are a remarkable clan..
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I see PBG's poem then I see what is in this screen shot below.

All of her posts show photo error like this....not just the contest entry.

I can see photos from everyone else in every thread.


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Oh, I see what the problem was. Fortunately I made copies of them before Photobucket screwed up. These are showing on the Voting Poll thread, and in a moment I'll add my copies on her above post on this thread.
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I can see the photos that you added back in for her.

PBG indicated that photobucket wanted to charge her monthly fees for photo hosting. They eliminated their free hosting a while ago....maybe a year or two. So I am pretty sure it is a photobucket thing that PBG needs to deal with. Thanks for fixing this for her.
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The Voting Poll is on a separate thread, here.

This thread is now closed. If you have any questions, please PM me, and we'll see you at the Poll!
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