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March 2020 Photo Contest Entries

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Welcome to the PF March 2020 Photo Contest.

The pace has become slower for much of the world in the past week or two. Many of us are staying indoors as much as possible while we ride out this unprecedented experience for our generation, and reflecting on what and who is important in our lives. Love for our four-legged companions is one of those things.

The pace of this contest is slowed down. We have two categories this month to choose from.

Theme #1: A Light in My Life. Your poodle or poodle-mix photographed in soft lighting. This could be candle light, the light from a fire place, sunrise or sunset, or soft lighting in a room at home. He, she or they can be doing anything, from sleeping to sitting next to you, giving you comfort, or wherever you imagination takes you. You may enter 1 to 3 photos.

Theme #2: Reflections. In this category you've written a poem about how much your poodle or poodle-mix means to you, and it is to be accompanied by 1 to 2 photos. This can be older favorite photo, and/or one or two new ones.

The turnaround period for this month's contest will be short. Entries are accepted thru the end of this coming Sunday on 3/22 in your time zone. The Voting Poll will begin early Monday 3/23 and run thru early Monday 3/30. The Awards and Screensaver Gifts will be presented by 3/31.

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Willard at sunset.

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Picture one: Shasta at sunset
Picture two: Sherlock at sunset
Picture three: Wafflehead watching the sun set.
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“Reflections” of Stella... (poo/pom)

Stella was a whirlwind
Whose will was tough to bend,
She tested me and fought with me,
I thought it’d never end.

A few weeks passed, a change took place,
My heart was clothed in lace!
I finally could see her soul,
And her pretty angel face.

The months flew by, things took a turn
And she began to learn,
The joy there is in loving
And my heart began to burn.

For in our love there is such joy
“It’s better than a toy!”
I wrap my arms around her,
She no longer acts so coy.

So all in all I now can say,
In her passion for full time play,
That loving love and what it brings,
Each moment’s a brand new day


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A Sunset Walk on Christmas Day 2019 with Neo and Remo

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The Voting Poll is up! Please join us in supporting our contestants by voting for your favorite photos. The PF link is here.

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