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Its really based on the individual dog but there is a sex traits that have been statistically studied. ( I will have to find data later) but they say that male dogs are more likely to bite than female dogs.

I have always had females. Just like humans females usually mature faster so they get more serious than male dogs quicker. Enzo is our first male and he likes to play way more than any female dog we have had. My friend had a dalmatian who was also a male and he too loved to play more.
( am referring to un spayed or neutered dogs) You also have to factor in the breed of dog as well because each breed will have different temperaments.

I was watching Jockeys on animal planet on friday and they said some pretty interesting stuff about fillies. The said that it is hard to get fillies in the Kentucky derby because once they start getting around 3 years old their maturity instincts kick in and they don't want to run anymore. Up until Friday I have heard of this ( I am not a horse person) but I always wondered why with fillies it was rare to see fillies passed 3years racing let alone in the K derby. They also said that over the 135 years of the k derby only 3 females have won !

This makes sense to me because almost all of the female dogs I have owned where not spayed.
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