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Major Dramas - T has cut his leg

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My poor little man has cut his leg. :crying::crying: Came home from a meeting last night to find what looked like a massacre, blood everywhere in his kennel and all over him. Mad panic to see where the blood was coming from, T has cut his front leg quite badly digging under the fence. I can see the tendons just above his paw :shock:

Ring the closest vet (only 100km away) and she is on holdays till January, so ring the emergency vet in the next closest town (400km away). He says bandage and dog will be fine over night but bring him down for sutures today.

So my OH is now driving T to the vets. I have had no sleep worrying and checking him every hour cause he was so sooky and quiet last night. Have a killer headache with worry - damn dogs, too much stress for me today, not coping very well at all. Just want him back home with me!
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Hugs to T for speedy recovery!!
I don't know how I missed this thread, but I'm so sorry about T! Good to hear he is on the mend, give him lots of hugs from us when he gets home!
So glad to hear that T's surgery went well and that everything looks like he will mend just fine. That must have been sooooo scary for you.
So sorry that happened, but glad to hear the surgery went well!
Thought I'd post some pics

I have put a sock over the cast so he doesn't get it too dirty - you can see how dirty the sock is already and that's from yesterday till mid way through today!

T and his buddy Locky relaxing under the a/c. It is so hot here today so we're all hanging out in the kitchen where it's cool.

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And where I'll be sleeping for the next few weeks!

We have been carting T up and down the stairs for two nights and it is getting too much. He is now 20kg and either OH or me is going to fall down the stairs with him in our arms if we go on trying to carry him up there. He is still going to the toilet a few times a night so we're going to stay downstairs until the cast comes off and he can get up the stairs by himself again.
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Oh Poor guy! Poor you guys, too...wow.

I guess at least he isn't fighting it, hopefully he won't get too sick of it too quickly! Wow I was thinking the cast wouldn't be that far up, he must have really done a number on that fence!

Good luck on a speedy recovery for his leg and your backs!
Awwwwww look at him! Poor baby! That mean fence, you better stay away from it in the future T !
Oh poor thing! He looks like he is doing well though. I might have missed a post, but does the vet think he will have full use again? Without a limp or anything I mean?
Poor "T", probably wonders why he can't go up stairs anymore. Looks like his buddy G.S. is keeping a close eye on him, making sure he is okay. Hope you guys are doing okay not being able to sleep in your regular bed, but I'm sure you sleep better this way than having to worry about "T" all night long. This is a terrible thing to happen anytime, but especially at Christmas time. Things always seem to happen like this. So glad to hear that "T" will probably be just fine.
Yep the vets are quite confident that once the cast is off, sutures removed and his fur grows back you will never even know it has happenned. Even if the sutured tendon doesn't heal back to full use it is only his outside toe which would be affected so he will be fine. This is about the only silver lining to this tale but it is a good one :smile:

He is certainly feeling more like his old self and did climb the stairs before I could stop him yesterday after the cat. He is getting around like the cast isn't even on now, trying to play with the dog and ran flat out across the yard and wouldn't stop when I call yesterday - it's going to be hard to keep him quiet and no playing or jumping for another 2 weeks :eek:
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