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Maizie got her RATNX today!

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She did it! And she had a lot of fun in the process. She was proud as a peacock today with all the cheers from me, the judge, and her barn hunt friends.

She placed 1st 9 times, but today her winning streak came to an end--she was beaten by 10 seconds by a very good Airedale, so she came in 2nd.

They were out of title ribbons, which is pretty annoying, because I had planned on this being Maizie's swan song! Maybe I can get them to mail it to us.


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I had to laugh about the Airedale beating you out of first place. Our Airedale was from hunting lines and she killed her first mole at eight weeks old. I am not sure how she would have felt about not getting to kill the rat she hunted... When we took her to try a herding instinct test she was all for it, until the human shepherd corrected her for flossing her teeth on the sheep's wool. Congratulations to you and Maizie!
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Thanks, Charmed :D Wow, that's quite impressive instinct your Airedale had! If Maizie had to be beaten, I'm glad it was by a terrier :)

Have you done the Herding Instinct test with the spoos? I watched my friend take a herding lesson with her Berger Picard and it was pretty neat. I want to do the Farm Dog certification with mine if it ever comes within reasonable driving distance.
Thank you so much, Muggles, Caroline, Skylar, and PB!

In the "B" classes, all sizes of dog are judged together (small, medium, and large), so it's extra special that she had so many wins. Of course, I wish we could have finished with that last win (the OCD part of me), but it's okay ;)

We may continue in barn hunt at a later time, but we're definitely taking a break! It's such a fun and positive sport. I urge everyone to at least try it if you have it nearby.
I am SO tickled for you two; that win count is just plain astounding!!!!

Barn hunt is nowhere near us, and does seem like something Oliver would have enjoyed. He seems fairly prey-driven, or at least highly nose oriented. Yesterday, his nose caught something in our parking lot, and on return from our walk, he took me through the area, nose to ground, searching for whatever it was/had been.

We don't get raccoons up here any more, but could maybe have been the coyote people have seen not far from here (we're careful and absolutely do not go near his/her hangout in the dark). Or maybe a juvenile skunk; we do still have them around. Ollie *wuvs* those special bwack-n-white kitteez :)afraid::argh::afraid:)!!!!
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Thanks, Streetcar! You've got a few trial locations about an hour away from you. Might be fun for Ollie to try since he has a good nose :D We should go to a dog event together sometime :)
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