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Maizie got her RATNX today!

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She did it! And she had a lot of fun in the process. She was proud as a peacock today with all the cheers from me, the judge, and her barn hunt friends.

She placed 1st 9 times, but today her winning streak came to an end--she was beaten by 10 seconds by a very good Airedale, so she came in 2nd.

They were out of title ribbons, which is pretty annoying, because I had planned on this being Maizie's swan song! Maybe I can get them to mail it to us.


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I’m so proud of team Maizie. Huge congratulations. To come in first 9 times is amazing.

Maizie also looks so happy to show off her ribbons. Lovely.
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In the "B" classes, all sizes of dog are judged together (small, medium, and large), so it's extra special that she had so many wins. Of course, I wish we could have finished with that last win (the OCD part of me), but it's okay ;)
I felt the same way for you - but still Maizie having placed first 9 separate times and then second in her last run in the B class against dogs who have been competing for awhile and all sizes is truly spectacular and very special.

You might want to consider scent work for Maizie if you have time in your busy schedule - I bet she would be amazing at scent work too.
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