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Maizie got her RATNX today!

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She did it! And she had a lot of fun in the process. She was proud as a peacock today with all the cheers from me, the judge, and her barn hunt friends.

She placed 1st 9 times, but today her winning streak came to an end--she was beaten by 10 seconds by a very good Airedale, so she came in 2nd.

They were out of title ribbons, which is pretty annoying, because I had planned on this being Maizie's swan song! Maybe I can get them to mail it to us.


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Holy smokes! (sorry I'm late...haven't been around lately) But my goodness! Congratulations! That's incredible! 9 wins? I hope they hurry up and get your ribbons to you. :first::first::first::first::first::first::first::first::first:

I know this has been a lot of fun for you and Maizie. Is there anymore to come? You have done so well. What a team! And such a pretty picture of your sweet Maizie. :angel:
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