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Just wanted to put out a bulletin on Lyme Disease. It could affect anyone in the Northeast US. This is the time of year when Lyme ticks are least active. They are indeed active year round but with the freezing temperatures and snow cover they are less active than other times of the year.

Our pup on Saturday morning started to cry and limp favoring her right front paw. We were only away from her for an hour and we were all in the house so we couldn't figure out how she could have hurt herself. We gently palpated her leg and foot and moved it around trying to elicit a reaction to no avail. There was no swelling or blood nor were there abrasions. By Saturday night she was limping in a more severe way. Thinking it was a sprain we figured we'd wait until the next day to see what she would do. Sunday morning she had a really difficult time getting up or down and was crying a lot. When she was up and walking, she seemed to favor her back legs too.

Perplexed and worried, we rushed her to the emergency vet. They did a blood test and found that she tested positive for Lyme disease.

She is 6 months old but was behaving like a 15year old dog. And this progression was 12 hours!

Luckily we started anti-inflammatories and antibiotics right away and she is already showing vast improvement. But I wanted to share because the symptoms were that of a sprain until they became systemic and the effects were so rapid. We were pretty terrified.

Lyme was pretty prolific last year but if this year has already begun as such, we're in for another bout. And we bathe our dog once a week religiously and she has preventative tick and flea topical meds! So with all the prevention we can give her, she is still susceptible.

Watch for lameness in your puppies as it could be a symptom of Lyme!
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