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After going thru a laundry list of groomers, Snoops and Orville and I are soooo happy to have finally found "THE ONE".

Her name is Eve and she is just fabulous! We've had alot of bad grooms, and some good grooms in our time.. but with Eve we can always expect the best! I have no qualms about just dropping off the dogs and saying to her "the usual" or "whatever you feel is best" and she is just awesome! She is so patient and takes her time and really pays attention to detail and to the emotional state of Snoops and Orville. If she feels there is stress, she backs off for a bit and let's them chill and play. I think this is soooo great. The guys are usually there for up to 6 or 7 hours.. there is no rush. I'm saddened tho because my visits to Canada will be few and far in between over the next little while and I am at a loss as to what we will do without Eve.

She is so kind - she has ordered me a bunch of products that she uses on Snoops and Orville and is going to take some time over the next few weeks to teach me how to maintain their coats and properly use my new tools. How many groomers are there like this out there?! I am willing to bet, 1 in a million.....

Just had to post some nice words because I am just soooo pleased with the amazing job she continually offers to us!
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