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Ooooh, I love that photo of Oona. My tpoo used to snooze on top of the couch with the cats.

I’m thrilled that my husband and I have Babykins to bring joy and excitement into our pandemic limited lives.

My husband gets up early and prefers to shower in the lower level bathroom. He likes to take 7 or 8 scent vessels downstairs with him to hide. He blocks off the stairs so Babykins can’t get to them until we’re ready. Once we eat breakfast and she’s gone out to potty, it’s nose work time.

She’s fast, lightening fast even in competition. She knows the routine and her excitement is palpable and infectious. Life is so boring at home having this little thrill is such a boost.

She races downstairs and beelines to the first hide with me struggling to catch up to treat. She buzzes around the rooms downstairs hunting odor. My husband can never remember where he put the hides, they can be anywhere on the floor, wall, furniture, inside things and up to 7 feet high so in large rooms, that’s a lot of territory. Thankfully she always finds the odor.

It’s fascinating watching a dog finding odor. You can hear them breathing, it‘s like when we take a deep sniff of something questionable in the fridge. It’s a physical breathing. My dog runs around in what looks like crazy circles but it’s purposeful. We can’t see odor plumes (like smoke plumes) she’s figuring out where smells are coming from and working a puzzle to find her way to the source of the odor, the hidden scent vessel. Those circles help her find the edges of the odor plume and where it’s more concentrated or less concentrated, once she solves the odor puzzle she heads to where it’s hidden.

She’s also a good excuse to get outside for a walk in all kinds of weather. I’m thankful we have her in our life and all our poodle friends here at PF.
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