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Love and appreciation for my poodle

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I'm so over the moon in love with Oona. At just 4 months she is becoming a wonderful companion. She's super smart, loves learning things, and loves to be close - touching me if possible. She is growing into our family life more and more each day. It isn't easy and I know there will be challenges ahead (I mean, just this morning, she got into our room and chewed my husband's CPAP mask - oops) but I'm just overwhelmed with love and appreciation for her. Right now she's sitting by my feet chewing her toy, and periodically getting up to check in with me and get a pat or an ear rub, then settling right back down. What I am appreciating about her most lately is just how content she is to be in my company. It makes my heart swell. I feel like such a dork! Heading into what will be a strange and lonely pandemic winter, I am so glad we have her to keep us company (and keep us busy). What do you appreciate the most about your dog these days?

Her favorite napping spot is behind me on the couch with her head or paw on my shoulder.