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Lounging Gorky

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Gorky has found a new place to rest - our small wicker chair. Needless to say he really likes it and he can view the world from it.


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That is so sweet! He is out of it. It amazes me how poodles sleep lol.
LOL.. those are adorable. It is so funny to see him sleeping like that on there, doesn't look all that comfy. Love the first shot and the next to last, of him on the bed. Just love the feet sticking out...lol. Man, you can really tell he is Ivy's brother. :)
Those are lovely, natural light, photos of Gorky by the window. He is amazingly like Ivy!!
Jester's Mom - That sure would not be a place I would care to sleep. Gorky did start to snore so I don't think it was the best position for him to rest, but he sure looked interesting ebough to photograph. We have been having trouble with him barking at neighbors across the street. When he is up in the chair he stops. He is able to look at what is happening and not just hear the sounds.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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