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Lots of pee!! Ahh!

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Chase my 9 week old spoo pees a lot. LOL! Last night he had a spell were he went 4 times in and hour and a half. This seems to happen every couple of days. Is that normal? I know he can hold it he holds it for 5 hours at night.
Last night I took him in the bathroom while he I was getting a bath and he peed while I was in the bath and it was clear and hardly smelled...I'm wondering if he is drinking to much? Any ideas? or just normal puppyness....

I'm trying to keep my routine
sleep (start over)
Any tips?
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Poodle Named Moose
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We had to limit Moose's water in take when he was a puppy he would drink and drink and drink and drink and either then Pee forever or throw it all back up.

Even as an adult we are careful not to fill up his ENTIRE water dish and let him have at it... when he's hot, tired, etc, he thinks he should DRINK IT ALL right then and there.

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