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Steps to reproduce:

1. receive email saying I have a private message here on the forum
2. Click link that brings me to the forum
3. Read message
4. Compose a response
5. Hit submit
6. Observe I am being asked to log in
7. Log in
8. Observe my response is gone

Using chrome, most up to date version on a chromebook.

Incidentally, under other circumstances like composing a new response to a thread in the forum I am automatically logged off, which is annoying. The 10 minutes isn't long enough for typing a response. At least under those circumstances the response I composed was not lost.

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Pella, when you log in, do you check off the box "remember me"? This will keep you logged in indefinitely until you close your browser. Otherwise, the software is set to log users out who are deemed "inactive" after "x" period of time. The software considers activity in correlation to when your browser refreshes a page (so clicking on different links or areas of the site).

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