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Looking to Adopt

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Hi all,

I am a groomer in Lower NY and my fiancee and I are looking to add another furbaby to our family. We have contacted a few poodle rescues, but I thought I would post here in case there were any breeders with adult dogs (female 2-6 years approx.) that they might be rehoming.
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Things did not work out with the breeder in Oklahoma. It turns out she was more of a back yard breeder...I couldn't support that by taking one of her dogs to make more room for breeding.

We did find another breeder with a female for adoption, Madeline from Maja Poodles (http://www.nb.net/~grbg000164/), and we picked her up 2 weeks ago today. She is doing really well and in a few weeks we will start her show trim (for now we just grow).


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