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I found a breeder here: redandapricotpoodles - com and she has what I’m looking for (a red female toy) but I was reading on the forum and some people mentioned red flags. I'm happy to travel if necessary but can anyone point me in the direction of a breeder within 8 hours drive of Los Angeles? SF, SD, NV, etc.

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Hi and Welcome! I keep some links for folks starting a search for a healthy and well bred poodle. There may or may not be a noticeable price difference upfront but the place to worry about money is after they join your family. Getting a pup from a quality breeder is almost like insurance. They breed the very best they can, in health, temperament, and looks so the pups and their new family will all have the best possible life together.

I'm sure some other members will drop by with specific recommendations but til then:

This link should get you to pages which direct you to folks within PCA who can help with breeder referrals for your desired area.

These are AKC registered breeders but review their websites thoroughly. Look for OFA, CHIC health testing info in the site. If not on the website, ask the breeder to provide all health testing results and links (this will be on the dam and sire fyi). In fact, do that with any breeder you make contact with. A quality breeder will not hesitate to show the health documentation.

"Poodle Breeders" Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles Breeders Directory!
All the breeders listed here are required to do appropriate health testing in order to list on that site.

Breeders here all do appropriate health testing. You'll need to join this group.

Another site with multiple breeders listed. Use the same caution.

Most of us aren't breeders and don't have poodles for the purpose of showing, they are our loving companions. We are grateful tho to the breeders who do take the time and spend the money to prove and health test their dogs so we can have our healthy and well bred pets.

There are some sub forums here where you can find discussions of breeders recommended, and some, not so much. They're listed at the top of Poodle Talk.

If you use the Search at the top of any page, use Advanced search for breeders in your area.

Contact a few breeders to introduce yourself. Even if they don't have or don't offer what you're looking for, it can be a close knit community. They may know where to refer you.

Good luck!
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